Features & Small Business Benefits

Business owners can take advantage of the latest in mobile technology by engaging in ongoing and meaningful dialogue with new and existing customers.

Location Messaging

Local businesses can plant invisible ‘flags’ to reach interested consumers wherever they are.

Increased Traffic

Businesses can intercept consumers not yet in the store and remain top-of-mind after the consumer visit.

Geographical Reach

Businesses can extend their brand and messaging up to 8 kilometers from any flag.

Consistent Exposure

Businesses can remain front-and-center with a dedicated partner screen and ongoing placements on the Bulletin Board.


Businesses can gain repeat business and create meaningful consumer value.

Customer Value

Rather than simply advertising to consumers, business can deliver actual value to the consumer by sponsoring a service the consumer can really use.

Satisfied Customers

Businesses can greatly enhance their customer service with customized and relevant information, reminders, deals and live chat.


Businesses can send notifications to consumers even if those consumers don’t have Hello, Chilliwack! installed.

Safer Communities

In addition to generating more business, local merchants can do some genuine good in the community by supporting a service that's committed to the safety of Chilliwack and the surrounding area.

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The power of direct, one-to-one contact with consumers

Small businesses can now reach consumers where they spend the majority of their time – on their mobile devices - but do so with respect for user privacy.